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Teton Tech Buyer is a locally owned company that buys and recycles electronics from people and businesses. We love working with electronics and know that they are a big part of everyone's lives. We also know that most people don't know what to do with their electronics once they upgrade. Sadly many items that still have value end up in landfills. We want to help people realize that many electronics and other used items still have some market value even when they are used or even damaged. Just because an item no longer has value to one person doesn't mean it doesn't to someone else!

We want to...

Provide people with a safe, easy, and fair place to get cash for their electronics.

Help people recoup money from their electronics instead of letting them lose more value as they sit idle longer.

Help people declutter unused electronics and free up space.

Provide people a responsible way to give their electronics new life and purpose.

Help the electronic resources of the world be put to their best use and provide value to people.

Extend the life and give new life to unwanted, unneeded, and idle electronics.

Reduce electronic idleness and waste instead of throwing away what still has value and purpose.

Reduce electronic waste by keeping items useful and redeeming and reusing what can be.

Help technology be used properly and disposed of responsibly when its useful life is done.

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