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What happens to items I sell you?

Many items are cleaned up, restored, and resold to various buyers. Unrepairable items are salvaged for parts.

Why do I need to show a government issued photo ID and sign a bill of sale?

Teton Tech Buyer works with local authorities to report criminal or fraudulent activity of any kind. We are currently licensed by the City of Idaho Falls as a secondhand dealer and are therefore required to record what and who we buy from just like a pawn shop. Electronics and mobile phone theft is rampant in today's society. We are committed to making sure that we only buy items from the rightful owners. We do not buy items that are reported as lost or stolen. We reserve the right to refuse to buy anything that we feel may have involvement in criminal activity.


Is my personal information on my devices safe?

We do our best to restore any electronics to factory settings and erase any personal information on them before reselling, however, we cannot guarantee that data may not be recovered by a third party. Please make sure to delete any sensitive data permanently before selling or recycling your device. We will not be held responsible for any data recovered or damages caused by a third party.

If you need help with wiping/restoring your device prior to sale please let us know.

To protect your personal information, we don't buy phones that don't function enough to at least factory reset the phone, such as no power and completely blank screen. (Cracked but still working screens are OK!)


I don't know if my phone or item is worth anything or even how to tell what model it is?

Just get in touch with us. We can usually help you locate the model number and other identifying information. 

I didn't see my item on your list. Will you still buy it?

Even if you did not see your item listed under our price guide we may still be interested in purchasing it. Please give us a call or bring your item in and we will be happy to consider it.

What is the process of selling to you?

After we give you a quote, you'll need to bring your item in. We will briefly inspect the item. We quickly fill out the bill of sale and give you your cash. It's easy. We also require a government issued photo ID anytime we buy something and can only buy from people over 18 years old.


Do you have a list of items you'll buy?

Our home page lists the items we buy most often. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have something different. We are willing to consider many types of items.

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